Our Story

First of all, thank you for reading! Golf Yardage was founded by me, John Scott, a 47-year-old golf enthusiast born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. I have spent countless hours on the green and even served as a private instructor for some years. But my love for the sport made me want more.

Over time, I delved deeper into the intricacies of club design and the principles of golf swing dynamics. The knowledge and insights I have gained in these areas have been instrumental in shaping Golf Yardage. Throughout my career, I have tested over 360 golf clubs, making me a true golf club pro.

Nowadays, I dedicate my free time to keeping up with the news of the field and to trying new and exciting products in order to share my experiences with you, dear reader. I hope you like our page!

Our Mission

Here, we have the mission of sharing our passion for golf with enthusiasts from all over the world, whether amateur or professional. We strive to provide you all with unique content worthy of your trust, so you can make informed decisions about your equipment.

At Golf Yardage, we believe that expensive is not always the same as good. We’re committed to recommending products that effectively meet your needs, instead of just aiming for the highest prices. We also work hard to keep you updated on the latest events of the golf industry and offer tips and instructions to improve your game.

Our Values

Trustworthiness: We pride ourselves on providing reliable and honest reviews. Many of the products we feature have been tested by John himself, so you can trust our recommendations.

Simplicity and Effectiveness: It’s a priority for us to deliver information that people truly search for in a simple and effective manner. Our reviews are based on thorough research and testing.

Passion for Golf: Our love for golf is at the heart of everything we do. We hope to share John’s passion with our readers, amateur or pro, and help them appreciate this sport even more.

Continuous Improvement: We welcome constructive feedback and are always looking for ways to improve our content. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to reach out to us.

John and his team sincerely hope you enjoy your time on Golf Yardage and find our content valuable in your golfing journey!

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