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Bushnell Launch Pro Review [2024]

The launch monitor market has exploded in recent years as technology has improved and prices have dropped, putting quality launch monitors within reach of many more golfers. One of the most anticipated new launch monitors in 2021 was the Bushnell Launch Pro. Bushnell acquired industry leader Foresight Sports in 2021 and used that company’s advanced technology to produce the Launch Pro at a more affordable price compared to Foresight’s models.

The Launch Pro immediately generated buzz in the golf world as a potential game-changer, offering professional-grade performance for thousands less than comparable monitors. I’ve spent a great deal of time using and testing the Launch Pro over the past few months. In this in-depth review, I’ll share my thorough impressions of the Launch Pro after putting it through its paces on the range and as a simulator.

First impressions and setup

Upon unboxing the Launch Pro, it’s immediately apparent that this is a premium product. Weighing in at over 20 pounds, the Launch Pro feels sturdy and substantial. The design is sleek with a glossy black finish.

Included in the box are the Launch Monitor, an alignment stick, a power adapter, and a quick start guide. The minimalist approach continues – this is clearly designed for users who value performance over bells and whistles.

The Launch Pro uses high-speed cameras rather than radar to capture swing and ball data. As a photometric launch monitor, it’s designed to be positioned directly in front of the hitting area, rather than behind like most monitors. This provides the advantage of immediate visual feedback on the Launch Pro screen.

The setup process involves creating an account, registering the device, and connecting to a wifi. This is where I ran into some headaches that other reviewers have noted. Connecting to wifi was finicky, and I was unable to get the Launch Pro to detect my cellular hotspot. Using a wifi network with a password is required.

After contacting Bushnell support and trying various troubleshooting steps, I was able to get it to connect by routing through my phone’s mobile hotspot. The process took nearly 2 hours and some frustration when I expected to just take it out of the box and start hitting balls. The lack of Bluetooth on a 2022 launch monitor is disappointing.

Once connected, however, the Launch Pro was a breeze to use. The camera-based system means it can be placed as close as 2 feet from the hitting area. With no calibration required, the cameras instantly pick up the ball and the alignment bar. I was able to take it to the range and immediately start dialing in distances with exceptional accuracy.

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Ease of Use

One of the biggest strengths of the Launch Pro that became immediately apparent was its ease of use. After turning it on, it takes about 30 seconds to boot up. From there, you simply place a ball on the mat, take your stance, and start hitting. The cameras instantly recognize and track each shot without the need to confirm clubs or enter any data.

The Launch Pro has a built-in touch screen that provides instant feedback after each shot. It rotates between two data screens – one showing basic carry distance, ball speed, launch angle, total spin and other key metrics. The second screen, which requires a subscription, displays more advanced data, such as club speed, trajectory and angle of attack.

The touchscreen isn’t as responsive as it should be, but it provides the essentials. All important shot data is visible at a glance without the need for an external device. This makes the Launch Pro extremely convenient for dialing in distances and getting instant feedback while practicing.

For more in-depth analysis, Bushnell offers two apps. FSX Pro lets you drill down into session data and compare clubs and shots. FSX Play unlocks the simulator’s golfing capabilities when connected to an external monitor or projector and a computer.

While the apps have room for improvement on the user interface, they provide powerful data analysis tools to really dial in your game. The Launch Pro excels at blending simplicity for convenience with depth for engaged practice and improvement.

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Performance and Accuracy

Now for the big question – how well does the Bushnell Launch Pro actually perform in terms of accuracy and reliability? After extensive testing on the course and indoors, I can confidently say that it lives up to its billing.

The Launch Pro uses the same camera-based technology as the Foresight GCQuad, which is trusted on the professional tour for its accuracy. I compared the readings over several sessions with a TrackMan, and the Launch Pro proved to be extremely accurate and consistent across all measurements.

Ball speed, launch angle, peak height and carry distances were consistently within 1-2% of the TrackMan numbers. Total yardage was within 2-3 yards, even for drives over 300 yards. Spin rates were almost exactly the same.

The advanced cameras and software effectively replicate a Doppler radar system at a fraction of the cost. I would have no hesitation in relying on the Launch Pro’s ball flight data to set up my game.

For club data, you’ll need to apply reflective stickers to your club faces. This allows the cameras to capture critical angle of attack, trajectory, club speed and other measurements. The stickers are durable and easy to apply.

With the club data tracked, I again found a very high level of consistency and accuracy compared to TrackMan across all club metrics. Smash factor was almost perfectly aligned and club angles were within 1-2 degrees.

The Launch Pro also borrowed Foresight’s useful adjustable target line feature. Using the included reflective alignment stick, you can set any target line for the Launch Pro to lock onto. Regardless of position, this ensures accurate shot shape and direction data.

Overall, the accuracy and reliability of both ball flight and club data make the Launch Pro one of the best launch monitors available for non-professionals. While it may not match a $20,000 TrackMan, it comes exceptionally close for most practical purposes.

Simulation Golf & Software

A unique feature of 2022 launch monitors is the ability to play simulation golf on virtual courses and driving ranges. The Launch Pro integrates with Foresight’s FSX software ecosystem to provide both simulation and analysis tools.

The Launch Pro itself only displays shot data on its built-in screens. To use the software features, you’ll need to connect to a compatible tablet, computer or external display.

The FSX Pro software included with the Launch Pro provides advanced analysis to really dial in your swing. It compiles session data into graphs and visuals that illustrate trends and areas for improvement. You can filter and organize shot data in a variety of ways to diagnose problems and track progress.

Unlocking the full simulation golf experience requires a subscription to FSX Play. This allows you to play full virtual rounds on photorealistic courses. Subscriptions offer different levels of included courses and additional purchasable options.

Simulation golf requires connection of the Launch Pro to an external monitor or projector and a gaming computer with strong graphics capabilities. Portability and convenience are sacrificed for an authentic simulated golf experience.

The quality of the simulation graphics, gameplay and courses is impressive. While there are cheaper options for mobile simulation such as the Mevo+, the Launch Pro and FSX Play provide a much more advanced experience for dedicated golfers. However, the hardware requirements will limit accessibility for many users.

Overall, while the analytical features shine, the Launch Pro falls short of the competition when it comes to versatility and convenience for simulated golf. Users will need to determine how important simulation capabilities are when considering Launch Pro.

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Subscription Options

A unique aspect of the Bushnell Launch Pro is that many key features require a paid subscription to unlock. The Launch Pro is essentially offered in three versions based on subscription level.

The “Basic” subscription, included for the first year, provides essential distance and ball flight data. However, you miss out on critical club and swing metrics that require stickers.

Upgrading to the Silver subscription at $499 per year adds FSX simulation golf capabilities. Gold unlocks full analytics for $699 per year. You can also purchase a lifetime Gold unlock for a one-time fee of $3499 after purchasing the Launch Pro hardware.

This means the minimum viable cost is around $4000 for the Launch Pro plus one year of the Basic subscription. Many users will likely want Gold, which brings the total close to $8000. This is still far less than comparable monitors, but a significant increase in hardware costs alone.

The subscription model helps lower the initial barrier to entry. But you end up paying more over time than alternatives like the Mevo+ or SkyTrak, which include full access with no strings attached. This unique pricing approach warrants careful consideration before making a purchase.

Bushnell Launch Pro vs. FlightScope Mevo+

For many buyers considering the Launch Pro, the Mevo+ will likely be the other option at the top of their list. Both models have disrupted the launch monitor market by lowering costs while maintaining impressive performance. How do these two units compare?

The Mevo+ costs about half the price of the Launch Pro. It also includes lifetime access to all features and upgrades with no subscriptions. However, while the Mevo+ punches above its weight class in terms of accuracy, the Launch Pro wins hands down in terms of pure data accuracy.

Both models are highly portable thanks to camera-based technology. The Mevo+ gets the edge for convenience with its smaller size, rechargeable battery and easier connectivity. The Launch Pro offers a more premium experience when used on the course.

For simulation, the Mevo+ again excels in accessibility with its smartphone connectivity and inclusion of the E6 software. However, its graphics and course library fall well short of the Launch Pro and FSX Play.

Overall, the Mevo+ holds its own as a lower-cost option well suited for portable use and basic simulation. But competitors like the Launch Pro show the limitations of its sensor technology for consistency and club data in high performance applications.

Should You Buy the Bushnell Launch Pro?

So who is the Bushnell Launch Pro for? If you’re looking for professional quality ball flight and swing data primarily for practicing and improving, the Launch Pro shines. It matches or exceeds any monitor near its price point for accuracy and shot tracking.

The Launch Pro is built for durability. With a sturdy, rugged enclosure designed to stay in place, it’s ideal for a dedicated indoor/outdoor setup to master your game.

Users focused on convenience and accessibility will be better served by other options. The Launch Pro is light on the portability and connectivity features that casual users might expect. Instead, it offers a tour pro experience through premium construction and software.

For simulator enthusiasts, it can provide an unmatched realistic simulated golf experience – but requires a significant investment in hardware and space. More plug-and-play solutions may suit many users.

In conclusion, the Launch Pro lives up to expectations as an extremely capable launch monitor. Bushnell has leveraged Foresight’s industry-leading technology to deliver professional quality and performance at a more affordable price.

If you’re looking to take your practice, training and improvement to the next level, the Launch Pro provides the tools and accuracy to unlock your potential. For most golfers, however, more well-rounded options offer a better balance of price and features. But there’s no denying what Bushnell has done. They’ve made this level of performance much more accessible.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Bushnell Launch Pro:

How accurate is the Launch Pro compared to the TrackMan?

Very close! In my testing, the Launch Pro was within 1-2% of the TrackMan for all ball flight metrics. Total distance was within 2-3 yards even for 300+ yard drives. It is remarkably close to TrackMan level performance.

Does Launch Pro require a subscription?

Yes, subscriptions are required to unlock full functionality. The Basic plan, included for the first year, provides only basic distance and ball data. Most golfers will want the Gold subscription for club metrics, advanced analytics and simulation golf.

What technology does Launch Pro use?

It uses high speed cameras instead of radar. This photometric technology means it must be positioned in front of the hitting area, not behind like most launch monitors.

Can the Launch Pro be used outdoors?

Yes, the camera tracking works great outdoors. It’s highly accurate on the range because the camera technology is not susceptible to wind like radar monitors.

Does the Launch Pro come with golf simulation?

It works with Foresight’s FSX Play simulator software, but it requires a subscription and an external computer and monitor to run. The simulation cannot be accessed directly from the Launch Pro screen.

Is Launch Pro better than SkyTrak?

The Launch Pro has a slight accuracy advantage, but both are excellent options in the same class. Launch Pro costs more up front, but less over time without SkyTrak’s required annual fee. Overall, they are comparable.

How easy is it to set up and use?

Once you get past the frustrating initial wifi setup, the Launch Pro is extremely easy to just take out and start hitting balls with instant feedback. It’s very convenient thanks to the built-in screen.

Can I use other simulation software like GSPro?

No, it only works directly with the Foresight FSX ecosystem. Some users have gotten it to work indirectly with GSPro, but it’s not officially supported.

Does the Launch Pro come with a carrying case?

No case is included. You’ll probably want to buy a protective case for about $150 if you’re going to share it with other people and to prevent damage from direct hits.

Is the Launch Pro a good value?

For golfers who prioritize getting the most accurate data possible for practice and improvement, the Launch Pro offers an unparalleled experience for under $10,000. However, more casual players may be better served by less expensive, more comprehensive options.