skytrak vs mevo plus

SkyTrak Vs. FlightScope Mevo+ [The Best is Revealed]

The world of affordable personal launch monitors is heating up. As technology advances, golfers can access high-precision tracking and simulation without taking out a second mortgage. This creates an excellent problem – choice.

The SkyTrak and FlightScope Mevo+ currently lead the sub-$2000 pack. Powered by advanced sensors and processing, they provide awesome insight into your game.

But between cameras vs radar, variations in metrics, software differences, and more – picking the best value for your needs takes some homework.

This guide will cover every major aspect in detail – from technical capabilities, included features, set up and portability considerations to real user impressions on accuracy.

You’ll have all the information needed to decide if the pioneering SkyTrak or versatile new Mevo+ fits your budget and goals.

A Quick Backgrounder

First, some context on these leading home launch monitors:


  • Released in 2014 by Canadian firm Rapsodo.
  • Utilizes high-speed photographic ball tracking.
  • Known for affordable simulator integration.
  • Over 100,000 users globally.

FlightScope Mevo+

  • Updated Doppler radar model launched in 2020
  • Successor to original Mevo with more metrics
  • Part of FlightScope’s industry-leading ecosystem
  • Brings advanced tech to personal market

So while SkyTrak set the accessible standard, Mevo+ aims higher through next-gen radar. But marketing claims require real-world verification.

Let’s breakdown their capabilities across the specs and features golfers care about most when equipping their home simulator or practice space.

SkyTrak vs Mevo+ – Key Tech and Data Comparison

The core performance starts with the sensors and processing algorithms converting reflected signals into insights.

skytrak launch monitor

SkyTrak Relies On High-Speed Photometric Imaging

  • Ball struck into monitor’s field of view
  • High resolution cameras capture initial trajectory
  • Advanced image analysis calculates key flight parameters
  • Metrics derived from brief photometric view
mevo plus launch monitor

Mevo+ Leverages Doppler Radar Sensors

  • Radar beams reflect off ball and clubs
  • Direct time-of-flight data measured
  • Full trajectory model created
  • Wider range of club and ball metrics

In simple terms – Mevo+ sees more, for longer using radar. SkyTrak focuses in on the most essential launch data via high-speed cameras and algorithms.

This impacts the data and environments each thrives in.

SkyTrak’s Photometrics Shine Indoors

  • Functions accurately beyond ~7 feet behind ball
  • Performs well in tight simulator spaces
  • Struggles in very bright or low light
  • Not suited for outdoor use

Mevo+ Radar Excels Indoors And Out

  • Requires 10+ feet of ball visibility
  • Ideal performance at 12-15 feet distances
  • Environmental factors rarely impair function

For tight simulator builds under 8 feet, SkyTrak provides enough post-impact visibility to reliably track.

But if planning outdoor use or >10 feet indoor spaces, Mevo+’s full radar trajectory tracking pulls ahead.

Now let’s compare the dataset quality.

Ball Flight Data And Metrics

SkyTrak focuses its photometrics on capturing core ball parameters:

SkyTrak Metrics

  • Club Head Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Carry Distance
  • Offline Distance
  • Apex
  • Turn/Fade Ratio
  • Descent Angle

Mevo+ Metrics

  • Club Head Speed
  • Club Path
  • Attack Angle
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Ball Speed
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Launch Angle
  • Back Spin Rate
  • Side Spin Rate
  • Side Spin Axis
  • Offline Carry
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Turn/Fade Ratio
  • Descent Angle

The Mevo+ takes it further by monitoring your entire swing as well:

  • Dynamic Loft
  • Club Path
  • Attack Angle
  • Angle of Attack
  • Face to Path
  • Swing Tempo
  • Smash Factor
  • Apex Height

For $2k or less, that dataset from a radarscoped pistol you can hold in one hand seems insane.

SkyTrak meanwhile focuses its stable photometrics on the key totals many golfers care about most – carry, accuracy, shot shape.

If you want rich swing and club analytics, Mevo+ certainly outmatches. But SkyTrak impressively sticks to the flight fundamentals and plays them very reliably.

Now let’s breakdown the extra featur`es that drive the experience and entertainment value.

Simulation Experiences And Golf Software

Data powers your practice gains. But gamification through virtual rounds keeps sessions fun while ingraining lessons.

Both SkyTrak and Mevo+ integrate with leading simulator platforms:

  • The Golf Club
  • E6 Connect
  • Creative Golf 3D
  • And more

Costs range from $200-$800+ annually for realistic digital course access.

But software bundles and built-in features differ notably:

SkyTrak focuses its native apps purely on analytics tools. To access simulation play, the $99 Game Improvement Package unlocks:

  • Virtual putting greens
  • Challenge mini-games
  • Multiplayer competitions
  • Performance trending
  • Simulator integration

Mevo+ includes a free 3-month trial of E6 Connect with 5 courses. The FlightScope app also overlays metrics onto video, and models 3D shot tracers.

For those prioritizing entertainment, Mevo+’s out-of-box trial access and video integration provides inherent advantages.

But if chasing pure data to groove your swing, SkyTrak still impresses, especially for the price. Third-party software unlocks the rest.

Now for the pressing question on every golfer’s mind – just how closely do these affordable systems match up with reality?

Accuracy And Real User Reviews

Launch monitors promise heavenly insight. But can SkyTrak and Mevo+ deliver divine data reliably?

Overwhelmingly, yeswhen aligned properly under optimal conditions.

Online reviews widely praise both options for impressive consistency compared to professional club fittings and actual course tendencies:

“I did not expect this level of accuracy for under $2k. Yardages match what I’d expect perfectly. Good gear helps good practice.”

“The spin rates caught me off guard too – matched my typical shot shapes I see on course almost spookily close.”

Most negative accuracy complaints trace back to suboptimal positioning or calibration. Once tuned following guides, performance sticks.

However many Mevo+ users note ball struckputting reads suffer in home sims without >=10 feet of putted rollout. SkyTrak’s minimum camera distance seems more forgiving for short ground game tracking.

Clubs with lots of loft like wedges also produce some occasional variances on both. But proper mats and hitting off firm turf resolves most.

The consensus? For under $2k, their realism impresses big time. Golfers aligning configurations correctly find excellent practice value and analytics they can trust.

Just ensure your specific space meets minimums, install carefully, and run calibrations before drawing firm judgments.

Now let’s cover launch monitor setup best practices.

Setting Up Your Launch Monitor

Creating an accurate practice station has some key considerations:

Both Require:

  • Hitting mats/net
  • Optimal lighting
  • Secure tripod mount
  • Unimpaired downrange visibility
  • Appropriate calibration

But ideal distances and positioning varies:

SkyTrak Ideal Setup

skytrak set up
  • 5-7 feet of downrange visibility.
  • Handle bright light glare.
  • Allow overhead swing clearance.
  • Cone-shaped hitting zone.

Mevo+ Recommended Configuration

mevo+ configuration
  • 12-15 feet of visibility.
  • Clear line-of-sight to impact.
  • Space for ball to land.
  • Hit slightly uphill if possible.

SkyTrak shines in tight spaces thanks to photometric cameras. Just ensure glare and obstructrions are controlled.

But for Mevo+ radar tracking to excel, ample runout is key. Outdoors simplifies this substantially.

Be sure to experiment with positioning adjustments if seeing accuracy variances. Precision alignment and complete ball view optimizes both systems dramatically.

Finally, how do these launch monitors compare cost-wise? What’s the overall value breakdown?

Pricing And Value Comparison

Model Price Simulation Access Secondary Costs
SkyTrak $1990 Launch Monitor Hitting Mat 3 Free Months E6 Courses $100+ Hitting Net $200+ Software
Mevo + $1995 Launch Monitor Hitting Mat 3 Free Months E6 Courses $100+ Hitting Net $200+ Software

Upfront hardware costs run virtually identical – just over $1900.

The standalone hitting mats bundled also equalize initial value.

Secondary purchases like nets and simulator memberships add a few hundred dollars annually regardless.

But Mevo+’s free short-term E6 Connect trial gives it an temporary edge for entertainment.

SkyTrak vs Mevo+ – Conclusions and Recommendations

Breaking down their full feature sets and actual customer experiences makes the best choice much clearer.

If your top priorites are:

  • Accurate flight fundamentals – SkyTrak
  • Full club metrics and richest dataset – Mevo+
  • Use exclusively indoors <8ft – SkyTrak
  • Train both indoor and outdoors – Mevo+
  • Entertainment plus practice – Mevo+
  • Optimized budget value – SkyTrak

Both options provide awesome modern launch monitor technology from cameras or radar that outplays models double the cost.

You truly can’t go wrong between the SkyTrak and upgraded Mevo+ model. Golfers overwhelmingly praise their quality and consistency.

Let your specific training environment, performance data needs, and budget decide which solution fits your goals best.

SkyTrak vs Mevo+ – Key Takeaways

Revisiting the core comparison points:

  • SkyTrak utilizes high resolution cameras for launch photometrics.
  • Mevo+ leverages dual-band frequency radar for full shot tracking.
  • Mevo+ provides more complete club and ball analytics.
  • SkyTrak efficiently focuses its stable photometrics on key ball flight totals.
  • Mevo+ excels indoors and outdoors; SkyTrak shines in tight simulator spaces.
  • Out-of-box software and entertainment access advantages goes to Mevo+
  • Both feature high simulation accuracy when aligned properly.
  • Overall pricing and value is nearly equal around $2000 point.

So there are no “wrong” choices here – just optimizing your needs through their respective technical capabilities and included feature sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still evaluating? These common questions on SkyTrak and Mevo+ may help decide:

Does SkyTrak Work Well Outdoors?

SkyTrak occasionally struggles in bright conditions. Consistent outdoor use is not recommended. Rain or direct sun glare can impair photometric tracking. Mevo+ is better for all-weather training.

How Often Does Mevo+ Need Re-Calibration?

Depending on conditions, users recommend recalibrating Mevo+ prior to each main practice session for maximum accuracy. The radar sensors have greater sensitivity to shifts than SkyTrak cameras. Sessions themselves hold steady.

What Launch Monitor Works Best For Tight Spaces?

Thanks to cameras requiring only 5 feet of ball visibility after impact, SkyTrak can provide reliable data and shot shaping even in very confined simulator setups. Just ensure protecting glare, obstructions and overhead clearance for full swings.

Can You Get Putting Metrics With SkyTrak or Mevo+?

Yes, both measure putts when aligned properly – but radar-driven Mevo+ accuracy seems more variable in very short putt setups. Somefinetuning helps. SkyTrak cameras have an advantage on tighter putting visibility. Chipping also benefits from more runway room.

Which Is More Portable?

The Mevo+ handheld unit with embedded radar weighs under 4 lbs and is smaller than most phones, enhancing true portability between venues. SkyTrak’s camera box is still reasonably compact and mobile at 11 lbs with tripod mount.

Do You Need Additional Simulation Software?

To play full virtual golf courses, both options need integration with third party simulator platforms like E6, TGC, Creative Golf etc costing $200-$500 additional per year. Mevo+ includes a starter E6 Connect pack while SkyTrak’s core app is practice-focused only.

Hopefully these answers help clarify any remaining questions!

Now equipped with a full comparison, carefully consider your practice environment, performance goals and budget.

Then take your game to the next level with the awesome power of SkyTrak or FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor technology!