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The MullyBox Review [It Has Got Everything You Need]

Created by Mully Golf Performance, this is a subscription service that sends you a box of golf-related goodies every quarter. Let’s give it a closer look!

Subscription services have become a trend over the past years. In essence, you pay a fixed amount every month, for example, and receive a box with the same frequency. That box brings a selection of items within a specific theme: it can be books, coffee beans, wine… or golf gear, which is the case with the MullyBox. I have seen several services like those, but this is the first one related to golfing. If you’re curious about the specifics and quality of the items provided, our mullybox review offers a thorough examination of what subscribers might expect

Mully Golf Performance created this subscription service because it believes that good golfing goes beyond actual practice at the field. It believes that a skilled golfer is built with proper fitness, good nutrition, technical skills, and statistical analysis of their performance. After testing it for 14 hours, I can say the MullyBox brings multiple items that aim at helping with all that. In this article, we are going to discuss that service in detail.

Why sign up for the MullyBox?

It is safe to say that all golfers want to be better at the sport. Not necessarily reach a professional level, of course; they just want to be better. However, not many of them know exactly what to do towards that goal. Should you buy better gear? Should you take private lessons? Should you get a putting green? Maybe get a golf simulator too? Those are only some of their common questions.

While all those options are great, we know they come at a cost that not everyone can afford. And we do not want you to lose interest in golfing because of wasted money. The MullyBox turns out to be a great option because it brings items selected by trusted golfing professionals, which is a great starting point. And it will only cost $100 per box, which is shipped to you once every three months. If you’re exploring other options, you might want to check our guide on the best golf subscription box to compare MullyBox with other available services in the market.

What will I find in the MullyBox?

First of all, let us remember its principle: “this is about more than golf”. Official information states that the MullyBox supports physical conditioning, teaches you better technique, improves your diet and helps you reach a more productive mindset for golfing. The idea is that every MullyBox brings a different assortment of items. Some of them come only at the first time, while others are recurrent.

Golfing gear

You can expect to receive special gear for your golf club like pressure putts and precision putts. The MullyBox may also bring a box with golf balls, a marker to tag them, and a package of colored tees.

Support equipment

You can hone your skills with the practice log you will receive, as well as a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning, a putting alignment mat, body wipes, and a book with instructions for better technique.

Clothing items

Beginners will love the MullyBox’s selection in this topic. You will get a pull-over, a pair of socks, a pair of gloves, and a hat. You have to inform your sizes at the moment you sign up for the service.


Depending on the box, you may also find resistance bands to do exercises at home, a book with diet programs for you to choose, a phone holder, and even a Bluetooth speaker for your favorite music.

Keep in mind that not all those items come every time. Mully Golf Performance aims to understand what you like and need so as to send more relevant items every time. However, nothing is perfect: there is always a chance that you will receive a repeat item even when it is not a consumable one, such as tees for golf balls. This is a common issue when signing up for subscription services like this

Are there any downsides?

We can mention matters of taste. The clothing items, for example, were clearly chosen for function rather than style. Therefore, if they do not suit you, you will probably just leave them at the bottom of your closet. Parallel to that, items such as the Bluetooth speaker are quite common, so it is likely that you already have one. Sadly, MullyBox does not allow you to exchange those items for others.

Besides all that, keep in mind that this service has a target audience. Beginner golfers will probably love it because it guides them through the variety of golfing items available in the market. Now, if you are an experienced golfer, you are likely to already have most of those items – and yours may even be of a better quality. If that is your case, this subscription service would not be the best idea.

How can the MullyBox help me?

I believe that the “beyond practice” mindset is the most valuable item here. Think of athletes of any other sport: their work is not restricted to the field at match times. They eat well, exercise regularly with a coach, and study the theory of their sport. Mully Golf Performance is not trying to make you a professional on its own, but it is showing you the path towards that. That is the best offering here.

In case you are a beginner, we can mention two other benefits. One is the opportunity to build your own golfing gear with guidance from professionals, as we have already mentioned. The other is the opportunity to obtain many of those items at a low price. This is a typical advantage of subscription services in general: they buy products in bulk to send to people, so each unit becomes quite cheap.

Do you have other questions?

Mully Golf Performance has built a detailed, yet intuitive website to explain everything about the MullyBox. You will find more information about its content as well as a comprehensive FAQ section which is surely going to give the answers you need. We encourage you to visit their page once you finish this article, so you can feel comfortable to go ahead and subscribe to this interesting service.