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Pinned Golf Prism Rangefinder [2024 Review]

The rangefinder market is getting more crowded by the day, with new brands entering the space and trying to carve out a niche. One of the latest is Pinned Golf, a company started by a group of golfing buddies who wanted to offer an affordable yet feature-packed option. Their flagship product is the Pinned Golf Prism Rangefinder. How does this newcomer stack up against the competition? After reviewing the Prism and analyzing other reviews, the picture that emerges is one of a device that largely delivers on its promises, but still has some question marks.

Appealing Design

At first glance, the Prism stands out for its bold, all-over color options like bright pink, green, blue and more. The sleek styling is eye-catching, yet retains a subtle, understated vibe. Ergonomically, it feels substantial enough for large hands. The buttons are well-placed and easy to use. The tilt switch is on the side. It comes with the expected features like a magnetic cart mount, water resistance, slope calculation, and vibration feedback when locking on to a target.

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Features and Performance

Performance-wise, reviewers find the Prism offers solid accuracy and speed, though not the absolute fastest on the market. It tends to be within a yard or two of premium rangefinders, with the 7X optics offering a clear, bright display. The speed is fast, with minimal lag time between button press and yardage display. The vibration feature also provides responsive feedback when locking on to a target. The slope readings compare favorably with premium brands.

1. Innovative Battery

One of the Prism’s most unique features is its USB rechargeable battery, a bold and innovative choice over standard replaceable batteries. Pinned claims 60+ shots per charge, eliminating the need to buy replacements. Long-term reliability remains uncertain, though initial tests showed no problems after 10+ rounds.

2. Questionable Accuracy

When it comes to where the Prism falls short, accuracy stands out. While generally solid, one reviewer found that it struggled with consistency compared to the competition when tested at both short and long distances. It provided varying distances from shot to shot. This suggests that the range accuracy is not as refined as the top models.

3. Unclear Sourcing

In addition, sourcing and manufacturing details are vague at best. Pinned Golf touts its founding story of golfing buddies. But where and how the Prism is actually manufactured is unclear. This opacity from newer companies is not uncommon, but it makes it difficult to assess true build quality.

Mid-Range Price Point

  • At its regular price of $330 (currently discounted to $230), the Prism hits that middle sweet spot for rangefinders.
  • There are cheaper budget options, while leading brands run $450+. You get features like tilt, vibration feedback, and USB charging found in top-of-the-line models, but paired with cheaper optics and construction.

Overall Assessment

In the end, the Pinned Golf Prism Rangefinder mostly delivers on its promises. It provides fast, accurate readings in a flashy package loaded with the latest features golfers expect. While unlikely to rival premium brands in pure performance, the Prism still packs quality technology in stylish colors at a reasonable mid-range price. For golfers looking for good performance paired with bold aesthetics, the Prism is worth a look. As with any newer brand, though, long-term durability remains a question mark. But early reviews indicate that Pinned Golf is here to stay and has carved out a niche that offers style and function at a fair price.

– How does the Pinned Golf Prism compare in accuracy to premium rangefinders?

The Prism provides solid accuracy that is within a yard or two of the leading brands. However, its consistency over varying distances falls slightly short of top models.

– What are the Prism’s unique features?

The Prism stands out for its USB rechargeable battery, bold all-over color options, and sleek, eye-catching design. It also has the expected features like tilt, vibration feedback and magnetic mounting.

– Is the Pinned Golf Prism tournament legal?

Yes, with the tilt mode disabled, the Prism meets tournament standards. Always check specific rules.

– How durable and waterproof is the Pinned Prism?

It is waterproof and has a durable housing. However, long-term durability for a newer brand remains to be seen.

– Is the prism easy for beginners to use?

Yes, it has an ergonomic shape with accessible buttons and a clear display. The basic functions are easy for beginners.