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SkyTrak Vs. Trackman [2024 Review]

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The Skytrak vs Trackman debate is coming to an end. Both models will help you shake off those duffs and make every try your A game!

Are you looking to build the best golf simulator you can afford? Then you must keep in mind that a launch monitor is an essential item for that. Launch monitors are capable of interpreting your swing and tracking several parameters to help you improve your game.

While we have already written a comprehensive review of many products in this segment, the Skytrak and Trackman monitors are definitely worth a closer look. I’ve devoted over 50 hours to meticulously testing and comparing some of the leading golf launch monitors available today.

Here, I’m going to show you a closer review of these launch monitors. We’ll go through several criteria in which we can compare them and compile important information. Not to mention we’ll browse through some of their exclusive features.

With this article, I’ll strive to help you make a decision about the Skytrak vs Trackman dilemma. In case you’re new to the golf world, I’ll tell you: that decision is harder than it looks.

What are those launch monitors?

At first, only few people could afford a golf simulator. They were just too complex and demanded too much space. Fortunately, technology has reached a point where a launch monitor became as small as a typical iPad.

You may set it next to yourself, and it will track data such as ball speed, launch angle, and much else. The two launch monitors shown here are some of the best. Let’s dig into the differences between the two.

However, time has passed and the competition has improved. SkyTrak is still a great contender, but there are other great options to get. That is the case with the Trackman, which is the other golf simulator here.

The price difference is significant, sure, but it is one of the best options if you want to play golf like a pro. Let’s dig into the details of both!


Skytrak uses camera-based sensors

skytrack camera | image credit:

The SkyTrak uses a photometric sensor, that is, a camera to analyze the ball speed with sequential photos. That makes it perfect to play indoors, which is helpful for people who cannot visit a golf course all the time.

This technology requires little room and features precision comparable to that of premium launch monitors. You don’t need to take my word for it: there are multiple reviews of the Skytrak online, and they’re all great.

Trackman works with a dual-radar setup

trackman dual radar setup |

The Trackman works with a pair of radars. They use the Doppler effect to track not only the ball, but also the club’s movement. That is why it tracks regular data and much more: you can even find what part of the clubface hit the ball.

All data about your swing is captured and recorded on the memory with full precision. This is the current king of the launch monitor segment: the fancy model everyone is currently talking about.

Data Parameters

golf simulator launch monitor  parametrs

Given the age of the Skytrak, you can expect a worse performance here. You can track ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and the side angle. The golf launch monitor can calculate six other parameters using those.

Skytrak also allows you to visualize everything in the dedicated app and compare to your old practices. While those are awesome for the game improvement you’re looking for, there is room for more.

The Trackman offers that extra thanks to its pair of radars. One monitors everything about the ball (speed, spin rate, curvature etc.) while the other takes care of the club (club path, swing direction, face angle etc.).

Since it captures more empirical data, it can calculate several other parameters using its built-in software. Launch monitors are supposed to help you track your game improvement, and this one just excels at that.

Simulation Options

golf simulator options and features | image credit:

The Skytrak offers its own app and gives you access to a different number of functions according to the plan you subscribe to. It offers virtual practice ranges, compares multiple golf swings so you can see which is the best, and offers software-based challenges.

These are great for the times when you become tired of regular putting. You can spend your golf time browsing between the modes to choose the next one to try.

Skytrak vs Trackman has the same outcome here as well. The latter’s advanced technology steamrolls the former with full trajectory display, full compatibility with video creation, and full connectivity with up to 6 cameras for extra recording angles.

In short, you can do almost everything with this golf launch monitor. This is why it’s a favorite on the market and the golf world, whether for amateur or professional golfers.

Other features

If you opt for the paid app, the Skytrak offers a host of additional functions. Named Game Improvement Plan, it offers Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment, and Wedge Matrix analysis. In a few words, this plan makes other calculations to generate more parameters.

Then again, it is more recommendable to professionals. When it comes to Skytrak and Trackman, the former has everything to attract the casual, amateur golfer.

There is so much to use on the Trackman that you will probably spend a long time navigating through all its functions. You will also like to know that it is automatically leveled and features built-in Wi-Fi connection.

You have to give it a closer look too: it is one of the most beautiful launch monitors available in the market. We know that you may not use some of its features, but it makes everything easy and simple for you to use.

Pricing & Add-ons

Skytrak and its competitive price

Skytrack golf launch monitor | image credit:

According to Rain or Shine, you can get Skytrak’s base package for $1,995 – it is the launch monitor with the basic app. You can add a metal case for $149.95, or that same case and the Game Improvement Plan for $279.90.

There are other packages available too, in case you intend to build a full indoor golf simulator. The Skytrak is highly praised for the value: you will get a competent product for one of the lowest prices.

Trackman gets your money’s worth

trackman golf launch simulator | image credit:

This is where you are going to think twice before buying a Trackman launch monitor. The base device costs $18,995, which already is much more. In case you want to practice outdoors, you have to take the specific package that starts at $24,995.

The price difference between these launch monitors is a point to consider. This golf simulator is recommendable for professionals or for amateurs who are truly committed to play golf.

Target Audience

Who is the Skytrak for?

Skytrak has built its reputation among casual golfers; people who play at the course every now and then and have moderate budgets. Yes, it has high precision and many functions, but its most attractive feature is being priced on the lower end of the market.

You will get a lot with the base package but, if you’re really into golf, you should consider some of the add-ons it offers. Skytrak has really great value to offer you.

Who is the Trackman for?

The Trackman is a celebrity among launch monitors. It’s featured in the best golf publications and it’s used at the most important tournaments around the world. It offers indoor and outdoor versions, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Trackman has built a wonderful golf monitor and we all know that. It costs a lot, yes, but you will get every single penny back in case you are serious about your game improvement.

Where To Buy

Rain or Shine is the best store for you to buy either one of these launch monitors. Not only because it has the best prices, but also because it offers many options to build a package. In other words, you may end up with an irresistible deal on a full simulator bundle for your practice, not only a golf launch monitor alone. If you don’t want them on the base version, both can be used as part of a complete package of golf items.


Now that I have gone through all those aspects about two of the most competent launch monitors in the market, it’s time for me to draw a conclusion. First of all, I’m going to show you a list of their main features.

It is expected to make your comparison simpler and, as a consequence, your final decision easier to make. Then again, both options can do a lot at the course or in the garage to improve your swing experience.

Skytrak vs Trackman

Skytrak Trackman
Release date 2014 2016
Technology Cameras Radars
Data parameters 11 27
Other features Integrated app, built-in Wi-Fi, external connectivity Integrated app, built-in Wi-Fi, external connectivity
Simulation options 7 N/A
Base price $1,995 $18,995

Skytrak vs Trackman: which one is the best?

Hands down, the Trackman… if you can afford it. It’s as simple as that. It has better technology, measures more parameters, offers much more information about your swing… It even looks better than the Skytrak.

However, the price does not have a typo: it costs literally ten times more. If you can invest that much in a golf simulator, your game improvement will be beautiful. If it’s too much, the Skytrak is best as a runner-up.

We know that, in practice, everyone will opt for a Skytrak. You’re going to save so much that you could buy a whole package with a putting green, a protective net, and projector screens – you could even go ahead and throw in a golfing cart.

In the end, the truth is that the Skytrak vs Trackman dilemma is made of two winners. You will be well-served by one and get all your money’s worth in case you step up to the other.