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10 BEST Golf Carts in 2024 [Ride in Style with Comfort]

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Big Hammer 200 GVX — Strong powertrain, sturdy construction, and an informative gauge cluster. Useful even on the toughest golf courses!

Playing golf is supposed to be a smooth ride. The sport requires mental effort much more than physical, after all. The goal is to spend your time developing a strategy to reach the hole in as few club swings as possible. Everything else must contribute to that by being easy and simple.

Golf carts are a beautiful way to execute that. They can drive you from one region to the other so you will not need to walk such long distances. Besides, most models have at least two seats, which means you can even enjoy a casual conversation with your golf partner while doing so.

Now, we know that there are many golf carts on the market today. This article is going to help you first by analyzing what should you pay attention when choosing yours. After that section, we present our recommendations in terms of the best golf carts you can consider buying today.

Find the Best Golf Cart 2024

If you’re new to this, don’t worry. Every single year, I make sure to test all the best golf carts on the market. This time, I spent a whopping 75 hours on that mission alone! I’ve interviewed real users, chatted with representatives of manufacturers… in short, I did all the legwork for you.

Once I finished collecting all that valuable data, I compiled it to write the detailed analysis of those models as you’re just about to read. After all, I want you to understand the difference from the best golf scooter and choose the best golf carts 2024 as much as you do. And here you can find everything!

This selection has different products from that of previous years, which is totally great. It indicates that the market is responding to our demands as users. Then again, it’s satisfying to see renowned names preserving their top positions in this list.

Best Golf Carts 2024

Now that you know everything about the selection process of a golf cart, it is time to dive into our article about the best golf carts! As usual, we start by compiling them all on the table you can see below. If you keep scrolling, you will see the individual reviews of golf carts we have written. Enjoy!

Golf Carts Price Our rating
1. Big Hammer 200 GVX $7,999
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
10+ reviews
2. Cazador GVX 6 Seater $14,799
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
25+ reviews
3. Club Car Onward Golf Cart N/A
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
4+ reviews
4. Club Car Precedent I3 N/A
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Half star yellow
30+ reviews
5. Electric Termite 4 Seater Golf Cart $7,000
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
5+ reviews
6. Evolution 48v Lithium Electric Golf Cart $11,899
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
20+ reviews
7. Evolution D3 Golf Cart $17,999
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Half star yellow
5+ reviews
8. E Z Go Liberty Elite Lithium $15,899
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
10+ reviews
9. E Z Go TXT Golf Cart $8,369
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
7+ reviews
10. Massimo Buck 250 $7,750
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
16+ reviews

1. Big Hammer 200 GVX – $7,999

golf cart big hammer

If you want to use your golf cart for more than simply traveling on the golf course, this is the best model you could find. The rugged appearance is matched by a strong, four-stroke engine, hydraulic shock absorbers, 13″ of clearance from the ground, and an automatic transmission.

As you can see, the default setting is to seat two, but there is a rear seat that faces backwards in case you need to bring two more occupants. Like many other gas carts, this model is fuel injected and comes in several options of external body color. Great option for you to consider!

Main features
  • Complete set of gauges on the dashboard
  • Transmission can be manual or automatic
  • Electronic fuel injection ensures high efficiency
  • Strong engine provides a high maximum speed
  • Automatic transmission makes the ride comfortable
  • Refined suspension ensures mechanical resistance
  • Rear occupants will have to travel facing backwards
  • This is not an electric cart, so upkeep is expensive
  • Other golf carts here are more refined and beautiful

2. Cazador GVX 6 Seater Golf Cart – $14,799

Cazador GVX 6 Seater Golf Cart

The UTV-like body styling of this gas golf cart implies decent space and sturdy construction. It offers four seats, which is a rare feature, and double wishbone front and rear suspension – it will ensure a smooth ride even on irregular terrain which most country clubs sometimes have.

The gas powered engine can be driven in 2WD or 4WD modes and comes with a fuel tank of 6.8 gallons; it is enough for a whole day of golfing. With 11.8″ of ground clearance, it can even venture on rough terrain. There is an expandable rear tray behind the seats for luggage room.

Main features
  • Up to six people can use it with their golf bags
  • Engine is powerful enough even to go off road
  • Car-like suspension provides high overall comfort
  • Suspension layout provides a comfortable ride
  • Big engine can reach its maximum speed quickly
  • Plenty of room for four occupants and luggage
  • High weight makes it impactful on the golf course
  • One of the most expensive gas cart models on sale
  • Higher maintenance cost than electric golf carts

3. Club Car Onward Golf Cart

Club Car Onward Golf Cart

This golf cart comes from one of the most traditional manufacturers in this market segment. The stylish external design can become even better with the many optional accessories that you can request. Besides all that, you can have it with two or four seats and in seven colors.

You may also like to know that it is one of the strongest gas carts on the market. Club Car also has an ample, six-gallon fuel tank, a corrosion resistant aluminum frame, and the SportDrive steering mechanism, which improves its turning radius. This golf cart seats up to four people.

Main features
  • Club Car is one of the most traditional in the segment
  • Enough range to spend the day on most golf courses
  • This golf cart is definitely not a low speed vehicle
  • Gas-powered engine provides high maximum speed
  • Excellent external design even at the base setting
  • Many options for internal and external customization
  • Only seats up to four passengers, and without cargo
  • Gas carts always offer more expensive maintenance
  • Club Car tends to charge a high price for its golf carts

4. Electric Termite 4 Seater Golf Cart – $7,000

Electric Termite 4 Seater Golf Cart

Some players do not care about luxuries and other accessories on their golf carts. This model is interesting not only to them, but also to golf course owners who are looking for an affordable option to rent. Another nice feature is that it ends the “gas or electric” doubt toward the latter.

The 1,200-W motor takes this electric golf cart to a max speed of 10 mph and enables it to take 600 lb of total load. It also has regenerative brakes to extend the range of its lithium batteries. The only downside is that it does not offer any customizable elements or optional accessories.

Main features
  • Small, but reliable electric motor on this golf cart
  • Perfect for people who want no-frills golf carts
  • Seats four people or two with some luggage space
  • Cheaper maintenance than most gas golf carts
  • Excellent price considering it is a new golf cart
  • Seats four people plus some luggage payload
  • Low top speed means longer trips on the golf course
  • Definitely no Mercedes Benz level of refinement here
  • Higher downtime than that of typical gas golf carts

5. Evolution 48v Lithium Electric Golf Cart – $11,899

Evolution 48v Lithium Electric Golf Cart

As you can see, this is a great electric cart if you want to look good when driving on the golf course. It comes in several colors and has matching golf cart wheels – some options make it look quite interesting. Besides, it takes four occupants with a rear seat that faces backwards.

The equipment list includes front seatbelts, 48v lithium ion batteries, an electric motor that can take it up to 25 mph, and a dashboard with cup holders and room for you to keep your cell phone. The entire external lighting is made applying LEDs, so you can expect high durability.

Main features
  • Excellent golf cart batteries and electric motor
  • Takes two people plus cargo or a total of four people
  • Electric but does not use lead acid batteries
  • One of the few electric carts with a reasonable price
  • Many options for external and internal customization
  • Great appearance becomes even better with options
  • Still more expensive than most gas carts on the market
  • No downhill speed control despite its high top speed
  • No independent leaf spring suspension available

6. Evolution D3 Golf Cart – $17,999

evolution d3 golf cart

Not only is this gas golf cart street legal, it also offers one of the best designs on this list. This model offers a 110-Ah lithium ion battery that provides enough range for a whole golfing day. You will also find items like a convertible rear seat, hydraulic shocks, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Considering that this golf cart is focused on track use, it makes sense to offer customization options of many types, and amenities such as an infotainment system on the dashboard with a 9.7″ touchscreen. However, the low ground clearance is not the best option for rough terrain.

Main features
  • Many golf cart accessories available, like Bluetooth stereo
  • Lithium batteries provide enough range for a long time
  • More power and higher top speed than most gas carts
  • External design is one of the most attractive on this list
  • Rear seat can be converted to transport people or cargo
  • Gas engine has enough power for 25 mph of max speed
  • Low clearance limits the regions where you can drive it
  • Many golf carts on the market are much cheaper
  • Not much space, especially when traveling with four

7. E Z Go Liberty Elite Lithium – $15,899

E Z Go Liberty Elite Lithium

One of the best golf carts when it comes to overall quality. The Elite Lithium powertrain offers consistent power regardless of its charge level and can be recharged at any point without any problems to the battery life. However, there is much more for you to know about this golf cart.

You will find sturdy construction and an elegant design with four seats that face forward – the latter is rare in this segment. E Z Go has provided amenities such as lighted cup holders, glove box with a door, individual key switch, floor mats, a cargo shelf, and a premium steering wheel.

Main features
  • High-tech system of golf cart batteries
  • Enough room for four passengers plus cargo
  • Better than most electric golf carts
  • Elite lithium ion batteries can be charged anytime
  • Premium cabin with quality trim and many other features
  • One of the best electric carts available in the market
  • Expensive enough to be comparable with a used car
  • Many other golf cart models on sale are much cheaper
  • This golf cart is heavy enough to cause turf impact

8. E Z Go TXT Golf Cart – $8,369

E Z Go TXT Golf Cart

This is another model to consider if you want to keep things simple. It seats two people, with the option of adding two other rear-facing seats. It has a small two-cycle engine, so no need to worry about batteries. And it is air-cooled, so your maintenance costs should not be a problem.

On the other hand, it is a quite basic model. This unit features some modifications, like black golf cart wheels and a wooden steering wheel, but the body paint is white and there are few amenities inside. If you prefer your golf gear to be minimalistic, this is the option to choose.

Main features
  • Gas-powered engine with two strokes and air cooling
  • Compact design seats two with two additional seats
  • Affordable price especially for golf course owners
  • Competitive price compared to electric carts
  • Objective and minimalistic golf cart on sale
  • Low maintenance cost because of its simple engine
  • The rear seat takes two people and faces the rear
  • Not the best option if you enjoy some amenities
  • Gas engine is small and provides low power

9. Massimo Buck 250 – $7,750

Massimo Buck 250 Golf Cart

This is the best option among gas powered carts if you want serious off road performance. It is equipped with double wishbone front and rear suspension and massive tires that ensure great behavior even on rough terrain. And that all comes at one of the most interesting prices here.

Another interesting point is that, by having side mirrors, a canopy and strong pillars, among other features, it is street legal. Then again, if a golf cart is all you need, there is little to think about it. Just do not get too excited at its top speed because that height makes it not so stable.

Main features
  • Unmatched features make it a multi-purpose golf cart
  • Compact size helps it weigh less and consume less fuel
  • Enough engine power to reach a good speed at all times
  • Fantastic suspension for riding on rough terrain
  • Powerful engine can climb hills even with trunk load
  • Offers front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Low ground clearance does not match its purpose
  • Tall and short body tends to make the gas cart unstable
  • Only one row of seats forbids you from taking many people

New or used golf cart?

Just like with cars or motorcycles, the biggest advantage of buying used golf carts is their low price. On the other hand, we all know that a new golf cart comes with a much better overall condition, manufacturer’s warranty, and the possibility to customize some items like its color.

If price is really inclining you to the used market, information will be your best ally towards a good purchase. Ask everything about the golf cart’s history, past maintenance routine, which accessories will come along, the amp hours etc. Honest sellers will not have anything to hide.

Gas or electric golf cart?

In the past, all golf carts were gas-powered. All you need is to fill up the tank and maybe carry an emergency gallon in the trunk. Some even have enough power to be driven outside the golf course. However, they pollute the air and have many parts that require periodic maintenance.

Electric golf carts emerged as an interesting option because their upkeep is much simpler and they are more environmentally friendly. However, some models have low power and charging their batteries takes a long time. Not to mention that some replacement parts are expensive.

Domestic or foreign golf cart?

Considering that variable alone, the main argument in favor of domestic golf carts is simpler maintenance. Replacement parts tend to be cheaper and easier to find, so this task should not be a hassle. In some cases, they may have more repair shops throughout the country as well.

Then again, none of that is a rule. Foreign manufacturers will always try to close that gap, of course. If you are truly interested in foreign golf carts, the best you can do is research how big the manufacturer’s presence is. Perhaps it has already found ways to circumvent those issues.

Other features

Many golf carts on the market can be customized. You can add rain enclosures for protection, stronger headlights, or simply cup holders or an ice box for your beverages. Some models are more compatible with accessories than others, so that is a point that deserves your attention.

In that case, we only recommend you to keep an eye on upgraded features such as a stronger motor or better lithium ion batteries. Premium components like those are usually expensive, first of all. Besides that, modifying the cart’s powertrain will always require professional skills.

What is the best golf cart on sale?

We have no doubt that the Big Hammer 200 GVX is the top pick here. It has a refined suspension and vigorous engine, but the true attraction is the complete set of gauges on the dashboard. You can easily monitor its vital signs to ensure proper operation at all times.

Parallel to that, the Cazador GVX 6 Seater Golf Cart is perfect in case you want to venture on other regions besides golf courses. It has a sturdy construction that will get you there with nothing to worry about. Then again, it may not be so comfortable to ride only on smooth terrain.

Our honorable mention this time goes to the Club Car Onward HP Li Ion. It comes from one of the most traditional companies in this segment. While it does not excel at anything, it is a well-rounded Club Car golf cart which will certainly suit customers of many different types.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do golf carts usually costs?

As our article shows, their prices may vary a lot. They depend on the vehicle’s powertrain, size, brand, and accessories. Not to mention that a used golf cart is cheaper than a new one. If you want a broad estimate, they can easily fall between $4,000 and $10,000.

You have to keep in mind that there are upkeep costs as well. Your golf cart will need repairs, maintenance and, in case of electric golf carts, battery replacements. That is why many golf courses offer rentals as an easy and cost-efficient alternative for occasional golfers.

Which is better gas or electric golf cart?

In general, gas carts have stronger engines and are easy to refuel. However, they pollute the environment and use many internal components that demand regular maintenance tasks.

Electric golf carts are the opposite. They are cleaner, and cheaper to keep. Their problems are primarily lower power and higher recharge time. Not to mention the higher purchase prices.

If you want our opinion, we go with electric golf carts. There are more and more of them in the market, so it is a matter of time for their prices to go down. Besides, newer engines make more power. And you can always get a second battery to swap when the first one dies.

Is it worth owning a golf cart?

The first thing to keep in mind is whether the course you visit allows them. Some forbid them altogether while others only allow you to rent the vehicles they offer. Once that is considered, all other criteria are a matter of comparing the benefits with the investments you will need to make in order to keep a golf cart.

Owning one of those vehicles is interesting if you play golf frequently, use them outside the course every now and then, and have the means to transport it back and forth (some are not street legal). It goes without saying that the purchase and upkeep costs must be within your budget as well.

If you do not meet those criteria, it may be better for you to rent a golf cart each time. It will not be cheap, but at least this solution will keep you out of financial trouble.