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SkyTrak Vs. Bushnell Launch Pro [2024 Review]

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We know, Skytrak vs Bushnell Launch Pro is a dilemma that just can’t get out of your head. With this handy article, we are sure the right decision will become crystal-clear for you! Get it right now!

We are all looking to build the best golf simulator we can, right? The problem is that choosing which items to pick is usually hard. This time, we are going to focus on launch monitors that will analyze your golf swing. I’ve devoted more than 40 hours to thoroughly testing and comparing two of the top golf simulators in the market.

Launch monitors also feature the most accurate software calculation, so you can learn many parameters of your performance. In fact, we have written a comprehensive review of the best launch monitors on sale.

The Skytrak and the Bushnell Launch Pro are among the best golf simulators. Here, I’m going to give them a closer look. We’ll go through several criteria to compare them, compile important data, and much more.

With the final conclusion, I hope to make it easy for you to choose one of the launch monitors shown here. You will understand the differences between the two and find the one that brings what you are looking for.

What are those launch monitors?

In the past, not many people could buy a golf simulator. They were too complex and required a lot of room on the garage. But technology has evolved to the point where a launch monitor is now as small as a tablet.

You will need to set it in front of you. The launch monitor comes with sensors to track the ball’s movement and calculate other data. Here, I’ll show you the launch monitor that gets the best results for your money.

However, time has passed and the competition has improved. SkyTrak is still a great contender, but there are other great options to get. That is the case with the Bushnell Launch Pro, the other golf simulator here.

Nevertheless, you can’t do wrong with either of the launch monitor models shown here. The Launch Pro is going to face one of the most capable golf simulator devices in the market, which we’re going to see now.


Skytrak uses a photometric sensor

camera of skytrak sensors

The Skytrak works with cameras: we say it uses a photometric sensor. They analyze your ball speed using sequential photos. It’s perfect to play indoors, which suits amateur golfers who don’t go to courses often.

You can use this launch monitor in small rooms and still get as much precision as the top-tier device. But if you’re in doubt, don’t take my word for it: there are many online reviews of Skytrak, and they’re all great.

Bushnell Launch Pro uses three cameras

image credit: | Bushnell Launch Pro cameras

The Launch Pro steps up and uses three cameras. That quantity allows it to register not only the ball speed but also the club movement. Such data are important to calculate many other parameters of your practice.

Another important feature is the built-in screen: it shows you basic information right there, next to you. This way, you don’t need to have a PC or a phone connected to it all the time. That’s more helpful than you think.

Data Parameters

The SkyTrak is seven years older, so we can expect a worse performance. You can track ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin, and side angle. And the golf simulator software can calculate other parameters.

There’s also a dedicated app that you can install on your phone. It comes with a general view of your data, so you have basis for comparison. While the Skytrak is great, its age certainly makes room for much more.

When it comes to the Bushnell Launch Pro, the manufacturer did the right thing and preserved Foresight’s FSX Pro app. It can be of great help for your swing practice, since it calculates a multitude of parameters.

Besides that, it simply works very well. Its sensors are smooth enough to capture differences in strength of swing, not to mention they detect where on the clubface your ball was actually hit. Its precision is amazing.

Simulation Options

Simulation Options

When you get the Skytrak, you also get access to its dedicated app. The basic plan offers you some tools to use, but you may upgrade to its Game Improvement Plan in order to use all the other options it features.

Another good thing is that the launch monitor has challenges and built-in games for you to try. They are a great option in case you get tired of regular practice. You can even simulate actual golf courses with its app.

Launch Pro makes great use of both its built-in screen and the FSX Pro app. The intuitive interface has a lot of useful suggestions to make, and its app shows all the information you need to know in a simple way.

Then again, I’ll agree with other experts when they say this golf simulator is focused on professionals. You will definitely spend a long time browsing through all its functions. There is definitely a lot to learn from it.

Other features

Skytrak offers a premium version of its app named Game Improvement Plan. It has functions such as Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment, and Wedge Matrix analysis. They all track more parameters of your swing.

While that additional information is definitely interesting, we know it’s much more suitable to professional golfers. I’d recommend you use it only if you want to, or if you are really serious about your improvement.

Moving on to the Bushnell Launch Pro, the built-in screen is a favorite for me. Since you use this monitor next to you, it’s placed at the perfect angle so you can easily look at it. And it can show many useful data.

The FSX Pro app also showers you with important data about your swing and ball movement. Even its basic plan brings a lot, so it’s worthwhile to take time and learn how to use everything. It can be truly effective.

Pricing & Add-ons

Skytrak has unbeatable value

Skytrak has unbeatable value

On Rain or Shine, you may get Skytrak’s base package for $1,995 – it is the launch monitor with the basic app. There is a metal case for extra $149.95, or that case with the Game Improvement Plan for $279.90.

There are other packages available too, in case you intend to build a full indoor golf simulator. The Skytrak is highly praised for the value: you will get a competent product for one of the lowest prices on the market.

Bushnell Launch Pro is great for pros

Right now, it’s possible to get the golf simulator for $3,499 on Rain or Shine, a full $500 less than its normal price. There aren’t packages available with it, but that’s actually good if you already have the other items.

As you can see, it’s considerably more expensive than the Skytrak – and yet, still much cheaper than the Trackman. That is why I say it may be the best choice for professional golfers who make use of all its data.

Target Audience

Who is the Skytrak for?

Skytrak has built its reputation among people who play at the course here and here and have low budgets. Yes, it has high precision and many functions, but its most attractive feature is having a competitive price.

You will get a lot with the base package but, if you’re really into golf and wants to stay with this golf launch monitor, you should consider some of the add-ons it has. Skytrak has really great value to boost your game.

Who is the Bushnell Launch Pro for?

Experienced golfers will definitely benefit more from it. It inherits its FSX Pro app from Foresight Sports, so it can show you deep information. However, that’ll only be useful to who really knows how to apply all that.

The fact that it comes with a screen out of the app or the PC means a lot as well. In short, it’s easier to see your stats: you will stay in the zone and won’t have to leave the putting green all the time to check the data.

Where To Buy

Rain or Shine is the best for you to buy either one of these launch monitors. Not only because it has great prices, but also because it offers exclusive options: packages for the Skytrak and deals for Launch Pro.

In other words, you may end up with an irresistible deal on a full simulator bundle for your practice. In case you don’t want their base version, it’s possible to search compatible products to build a full golf simulator.


After all those items, I’ve gone through the most important features about Skytrak and Bushnell Launch Pro. Now, it’s time for me to draw a conclusion. I’ll start that with a list of the main features of both devices.

It is expected to make your comparison simpler and, as a consequence, your final decision easier to make. Then again, both options can do a lot at the course or at the garage to improve your swing experience.

Skytrak vs Bushnell Launch Pro

Skytrak Bushnell Launch Pro
Release date 2014 2021
Technology Cameras Cameras
Data parameters 11 32
Other features Integrated app Integrated app, built-in screen Integrated app Integrated app, built-in screen
Simulation options 7 N/A
Base price $1,995 $3,499

Skytrak vs Bushnell Launch Pro: which one?

Are you a casual golfer, who plays mostly on occasional weekends? Then the Skytrak is the best option for you. It’s the launch monitor for amateurs who want to improve their game, but have a limited budget for it.

You can also make it better by subscribing to its Game Improvement plan. However, it looks like everything in it was made for casual players. That is why it offers that unbeatable value that attracts so many people.

Now, for people who want a launch monitor that truly creates a difference between the amateur and a pro, you’ll be better served by the Bushnell Launch Pro. And it is not even the most expensive one in the market.

In that case, you have to get your money’s worth by learning how to use the range of data it shows on the built-in screen and, mostly, the FSX Pro app. You’re going to be a pro in no time once you go through that.

Honorable mention: Skytrak Plus

Even though everyone talks about the regular version, we should take some time to mention its upgrade. The Skytrak Plus adds radar-based sensors to measure club data, a big improvement from its old version.