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10 BEST Electric Golf Scooters in 2024 [Tested by Golfers]

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Koppla Gator Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle — One of the fastest golf scooters available. Strong motor and nice battery range. Simply hard to resist. Get yours now!

Find the Best electric golf scooter?

If you don’t want to manually drag your golf gear around the course, you can get a golf caddie, for example. Or ride a typical golf cart – I can even show you the best golf carts. However, I also know they’re expensive. That’s why I’ve brought you another option.

Golf scooters are a great option because they balance maximum utility, high capabilities, and down-to-Earth prices. If you can spring for electric golf scooters, you can even run on two or three wheels while not emitting any carbon dioxide yourself.

Have you gotten interested in buying an electric golf scooter? Whether for yourself or for a course’s fleet? Then look no further. You’ve reached the right place.

Best electric golf scooters

Lately, many companies have worked on this initiative so as to build high-quality electric scooters. Their goal is to drive you around the course while carrying your golf bag. I’ve spent 45 hours testing the best electric golf scooters to review and compare them.

Golf Scooters Price Our rating
1. Ellwee Easy Electric Golf Cart $6,450
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Half star yellow
20+ reviews
2. Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Electric Scooter $3,999
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Half star yellow
5+ reviews
3. Fat Tire Rebel Trike XR Electric Golf Scooter $4,594
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
3+ reviews
4. Finn Cycle $3,399
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
11+ reviews
5. Heybike Ranger Electric Bike $1,399
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
3+ reviews
6. Koppla Gator Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle $2,899
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
3+ reviews
7. Koppla Citycoco Three Wheel Scooter $2,899
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
3+ reviews
8. Koppla Cobra Chopper Electric Scooter $2,499
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
3+ reviews
9. Phat Scooters Phatty G3 Electric Scooter $3,399
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
3+ reviews
10. Koppla Swift Motorcycle Golf Cart $4,594
Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow Filled star yellow
3+ reviews

1. Ellwee Easy Electric Golf Cart – $7,495

Ellwee Easy Electric Golf Cart

The best of Scandinavian design has been condensed into one electric scooter. Engineers from Saab and Volvo created a fun scooter that combines efficiency, comfort and stability although it comes at a quite high cost. An interesting feature is limiting turf damage to the golf course.

As if that was not enough, it offers modular construction, which brings easy maintenance and much more sophisticated technologies than in a traditional golf cart. Of course, it has covered the basics as well: cargo space for your golf clubs and bag, high maximum speed, everything.

Main features
  • Impressive attention to detail in terms of construction quality
  • Plenty of room to store your own ball, bag and golf cart
  • Electric motor offers high speed and low energy consumption
  • Three wheels lower weight pressure and make it turf friendly.
  • Modular assembly allows quick delivery and customization options.
  • Scandinavian design with knowledge from the automotive industry.
  • One of the most expensive electric scooter models in this list.
  • Manufacturer does not accept returns under any conditions.
  • Single seat does not allow the possibility of bringing someone else.

2. Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Electric Scooter – $4,294

Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Electric Scooter

Easy driving, smooth riding and turf friendly behavior are the main features of this Fat Tire golf scooter. The wide tires make it more stable than average, not to mention they provide additional grip when driving on wet surfaces even though they are not its main field of use.

The fact that it only transports one person can be seen as a strong or weak suit depending on how you plan to use it. On the other hand, the battery takes up to 8 hours to be fully charged, so you will have to use its quick swap feature quite often. Rider weight is limited to 300 lb.

Main features
  • Includes a sand bottle for divot repair
  • Brings a scorecard holder with room for a pencil
  • The on board computer includes a battery meter
  • Easy steering makes it accessible to all golfers
  • Only one seat brings more revenue in terms of rent
  • Aluminum frame maximizes the golf bag cargo limit
  • Manufacturer warranty only lasts one year for limited parts
  • Handlebar mounted platform only provides space for small items
  • Higher base price than the Koppla Swift models

3. Fat Tire Rebel Trike XR Electric Golf Scooter – $4,594

Fat Tire Rebel Trike XR Electric Golf Scooter

With light weight and turf friendly construction, this is a great scooter for golfers of many types. The special suspension makes it smoothly accelerate, which causes less damage than traditional golf carts. Another nice feature is the long-lasting battery: 36 holes of run time!

Now, the fact that this is a large electric golf scooter means that its speed is limited to 15 mph. You also have to know that it only seats one person of up to 300 lbs. The battery takes 6 hours for a full single charge, but you can swap it easily. This is a great option for a calm course ride!

Main features
  • Features a heavy-duty golf bag holder
  • Includes a sand bottle for divot repair
  • Offers room for a scorecard holder and pencil
  • Long-lasting battery is enough for a full day at the course
  • Offers enough room to make your riding comfortable
  • Little turf impact means less maintenance and problems
  • Low speed means extra time driving at big golf courses
  • Battery recharge definitely does not take just a few minutes
  • Only one year of limited parts warranty

4. Finn Cycle – $3,499

finn cycle

This electric scooter is made by a company which is also experienced in terms of golf apparel, golf cart models, and outerwear. Therefore, you can safely assume you will get top quality. It is part of rental fleets around the country, so it has a great reputation among golf course owners.

It is easy to steer and reaches 15 mph, the typical speed in this segment. You can play golf more comfortably by quickly traveling through the turf. The electric motor uses a 48V battery and there are independent disc brakes. It is a fun option of scooter for you to play golf at a course.

Main features
  • Folding handlebars and footplates make transportation easy
  • The golf bag stays at a position that aids overall stability
  • Front and rear suspensions are adjustable for rebound
  • Low-pressure tires minimize the impact on the golf turf
  • Electric motor is efficient and provides good speed
  • Provides agile transportation without being unsafe
  • Still less stable than an electric scooter with three wheels
  • Primarily focused on being used at the golf course
  • Only one year of manufacturer’s limited warranty

5. Heybike Ranger Electric Bike – $2,168

heybike ranger electric bike

As the name anticipates, this is not exactly a scooter or a golf cart. However, it is fully electric and comes with a specific bag to carry your golf clubs. You will find functions such as thumb throttle, faux leather comfort grips, easy battery removal, and an USB outlet for personal use.

We know that riding a bike around a golf course demands more physical activity than using an electric scooter. However, it turns out to be a great source of physical exercise, not to mention you can ride at your own pace. This product makes playing golf a healthier activity than ever!

Main features
  • Front and rear lights plus horn for added safety
  • Electric motor makes riding the bike very easy
  • Suspension seat brings extra comfort to the user
  • Dedicated USB outlet for your personal media items
  • Lighter and cheaper alternative to golf scooters
  • Thumb throttle brings a fun ride without abandoning safety
  • Less room and stability than a typical electric scooter
  • Golf bag for clubs and balls is sold as a separate item
  • You need to make much more effort than in scooters

6. Koppla Gator Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle – $2,899

Koppla Gator Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle

The maximum speed of 48 mph indicates that this is not an ordinary electric golf scooter. The 5KW engine power can climb 30-percent-grade hills with ease, although you have two other speed options if you need a slower ride. By the way, it provides easy transport for two golfers.

While the battery system reaches 55 miles on a single charge, the quick swap feature enables you to get going quickly. This feature is also important for golf course owners because clients can spend more time on the fat tire golf scooter. The 24-month warranty is another nice item.

Main features
  • Powerful engine reaches top speed in a matter of seconds
  • Low center of gravity contributes for a comfortable ride
  • Quick swap battery allows course owners to increase revenue
  • One of the fastest scooters available for golfboard rentals
  • Battery system maximizes your golf playing time
  • Phat scooters tend to be heavy and expensive to keep
  • One of the fastest scooters available for golfboard rentals
  • Battery system maximizes your golf playing time
  • Phat scooters tend to be heavy and expensive to keep

7. Koppla Citycoco Three Wheel Scooter – $2,899

Koppla Citycoco Three Wheel Scooter

If you envision yourself riding in no hurry and just enjoying the golf course, this is the electric golf scooter for you. With three wheels and front and rear suspensions, comfortable ride will always be present. The fat tires contribute with the turf friendly behavior wherever you ride.

As the manufacturer show, you can use this electric scooter for more than golf courses. There is enough room for two occupants and enough features to make both smile: removable battery, disc brakes, maximum speed of 50 kph, 200 kg of load capacity, and a basket for your golf bag.

Main features
  • Three wheels make the golf ride safer, more stable and more fun
  • Thumb throttle is easy to use and rises the speed quickly
  • Up to 45 km of range with a single charge of the battery
  • Two seats enable you to drive along with your golf caddie
  • Sturdy construction provides a turf friendly and smooth ride
  • High speed makes transportation more efficient on the course
  • Only 12 months of general warranty for the electric golf scooter
  • Cargo space is limited to a small basket behind the seats
  • Three-wheel design makes the golf scooter wider than average

8. Koppla Cobra Chopper Electric Scooter – $2,499

Koppla Cobra Chopper Electric Scooter

Compared to the other models, this is the most stylish, but the least practical. The chopper design with customizable colors allows you to look good even when riding this scooter outside the golf course. The downside is that it does not have much room for your golf clubs, balls etc.

In terms of tech specs, it does fairly well. The fat tire golf scooter provides a stable ride, while the strong electric motor reaches 37 mph or climbs hills with ease. You will also like to know that you will have reduced maintenance costs and you will enjoy your next swing in no time!

Main features
  • Several options for you to customize its body color
  • Strong motor enables quick and vigorous acceleration
  • Removable battery brings up to 45 miles of range
  • One of the most stylish models available on this list.
  • Interesting price with Koppla’s current discount.
  • Fat tires provide more stability than usual with two wheels.
  • Lacks dedicated storage areas for your golf equipment.
  • The electric scooter only seats one person.
  • Low seating position may be bad for short drivers.

9. Phat Scooters Phatty G3 Electric Scooter – $3,399

Phat Scooters Phatty G3 Electric Scooter

This scooter comes from a lineage which has been awarded “Editor’s Choice” by Golf Digest. It has only two wheels, but provides a smooth ride, easily removable battery, many accessories, and many customization options. It is one of the most practical and fun scooter models to ride.

The 2KW electric motor operates at three speeds, one of them exclusively planned for the golf course. The battery lasts enough for 36 holes, which is more than you will ever use in one day. This golf scooter also offers hydraulic disc brakes, LED headlights, and improved suspensions.

Main features
  • Traditional winner of golf awards for its overall quality
  • Modular construction enables the use of many accessories
  • Sturdy build makes it possible to ride the scooter outside the course
  • Ground clearance protects the body while keeping it stable
  • Custom colors available for frame, fender, and body stripes
  • Long battery duration enables hours of fun at the golf course
  • Only two wheels harms stability, especially at high speeds
  • Battery takes up to six hours to reach a full single charge
  • Not the most attractive design available on this list

10. Koppla Swift Motorcycle Golf Cart – $3,299

Koppla Swift Motorcycle Golf Cart

If you are looking for a scooter for personal use, this model is interesting for serious golfers. In other words, people who are focused on the golf course. It offers enough room for one person plus the bag holder, up to 40 miles of battery range, and added power to move around quickly.

Other interesting elements are its off-road tires, which make it double as an ATV bike; 27 mph of top speed; and a built-in headlight. In other words, you can even use this golf scooter when practicing other outdoor activities such as fishing. It is much better than traditional golf carts.

Main features
  • Electric motor brings less maintenance and zero emissions
  • 3500W of power enables the great max speed of 27 mph
  • 25Ah lithium battery provides up to 40 miles of battery life
  • Built-in headlight enables the bike to be used in other activities
  • Available power makes it quite easy to climb the steepest hills
  • 16 cm of ground clearance provides extra protection off-road
  • Fat tire may be turf friendly but sacrifices ride comfort
  • Single seat prevents you from traveling with another person
  • Riding at the top speed drains battery life much faster

Scooter ride quality

We do not want to feel every bump on the golf course, right? The fact that golf scooters use an electric motor helps a lot because it vibrates much less than a gasoline one. However, it is also important to consider their suspension and tires. Both play major roles towards a smooth ride.

Battery system

Even the best electric golf scooter will run out of energy at some point, of course. The goal is to find one that accommodates your needs without demanding you to spend half the time at the golf course recharging it. Battery life is an important item to think when browsing options.

Available power

I know, it looks so much fun to ride between those hills at max speed. However, this activity is only reasonably safe in buggies. When it comes to a golf scooter, safety is more important than a fun ride. We need it to smoothly accelerate even at the steepest hills of the golf course.

Added features

As we said before, we want the most from our money. Once you narrowed down your options according to rational criteria, the final decision will come after analyzing features like design, maximum power, and the availability of a bag holder. It will be down to personal preferences.

What is the best electric scooter?

We can definitely mention the Koppla Gator Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle as the well-rounded scooter on this list. It offers a strong motor, enough room for your golf bag and clubs, and nice battery range, and comes at a competitive price. Keep an eye on the discounts the manufacturer offers every now and then.

Parallel to that, the Koppla Citycoco is the best affordable electric scooter. It is a three-wheel scooter, but that is not necessarily bad. You still have plenty of room to transport what you need, and you can do some physical exercise while playing golf. Besides, it is one of the cheapest here.

We can also distinguish the Koppla Cobra Chopper here. Not only because it is the one of the most stylish scooters here, but mostly because it comes from decades of experience in the field. This is important because it means quality and reliability. Those are the best partners when you are playing golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do golf scooters go?

Golf scooter models typically reach 15-20 mph (24-32 kph). They are designed to make playing golf easier for you, so a high maximum speed is not a priority to them. In fact, some golf course owners even limit that speed on behalf of everyone’s safety.

Having that said, it is also important to remember that golf courses have terrain differences such as sand, grass, and hills. The most important thing to consider when riding is to always be careful. Not being in a hurry pays off with safe and smooth riding.

Do golf courses allow golf scooters?

It all depends on the golf course’s regulations. Some of them allow you to ride a golf scooter, even your own. Others demand you to get golfboard rentals, while others do not allow any of those vehicles.

When it is possible to drive a golf cart, the course guidelines may request you to have a valid driver’s license and comply with safety rules to preserve everyone’s safety. The best you can do is inform yourself beforehand, so you can make the necessary arrangements.

What courses have golf scooters?

The best way to discover that information is visiting your course’s website. After all, they may allow golf scooters, limit your options to golf carts, or forbid vehicles altogether. You may also want to call the course’s administration to get a clearer answer.

Golf course owners have different guidelines in that regard depending on the size of their turf and on the terrain types it features. Besides, some of them may want to increase revenue by limiting you to golfboard rentals.